Enviro-Cleaning Chemicals

Green cleaning chemicals

Search the web and you will find many a debate on what really constitutes a ‘green cleaning agent’ and if such is really up to the task of cleaning properly, especially in a commercial environment. At Pamper Cleaning Services we have (and continue to) research latest developments in cleaning chemicals and which really clean as they should and have the least environmental impact, but there appears to be some strong debate still going on in the industry as to what constitutes a true green, cleaner/disinfectant that can be used in commercial environments which protects clients and the public from bacterium.

As such we offer our clients two ‘cleaning chemical’ approaches that we can adopt for their cleaning contract:

totally green cleaning‘ where by we only use a selection of cleaning chemicals approved to be fully ‘green’ in nature from our enviro range

or our

clinical cleaning‘ service wherein we use cleaning chemicals which have minimal carbon footprint (supplied as concentrate to reduce deliveries and packaging) making them reasonably environmentally friendly while being fully tested as a disinfectant to BS EN 1276 standards thus protecting against MRSA, e.Coli and other bacterium. By implementing the very latest cleaning methods and technologies we minimise the quantities of chemical required and thus meet the stringent ISO 14001 requirements for environmental management even when using such powerful and effective cleaning agents – see our Green Cleaning Methods page.