Environmental Advice

Providing our clients environmental assistance in line with the carbon trust

We are happy to work along with our cleaning contract clients in assessing their sites environmental impact and suggest ways in which we can assist (or even suggest other organisations that can help) reduce our clients carbon foot print. We have even recently been part of assisting one of our larger national cleaning clients to achieve the prestigious Platinum ‘Green City’ london award (see here).

Some of the ideas we have been able to help clients implement to reduce their carbon footprint include:

  • Supply and set up recycling points, including signage and staff letters to encourage waste recycling
  • Install energy saving lighting such as special bulbs, tubes and led lights
  • Cleaners close blinds in the evening to reduce heating bills
  • Evening cleaners switch off lights at the end of the day
  • Evening cleans to ensure air-conditioning is turned down at the end of work
  • Timer switches supplied, installed and set to switch appliances on and off at times when they are not required
  • Supply of bike racks to encourage cycling to work
  • Set up and advise on implementation of ‘bring to work’ recycling schemes for household batteries and ink cartridges
  • Set up and advise on implementation of ‘milk bottle top’ recycling for charities
  • Offer ‘recycling of old office furniture service to clients whereby useable office furniture is delivered to local schools and charities
  • Install ‘hot water on demand’ taps which only heat water required (rather than the wasteful kettle way of heating water)
  • Plus many other ideas