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Healthcare Cleaning Professionals

The Association of Healthcare Cleaning Professionals (AHCP) is the professional association for healthcare cleaning in the United Kingdom and Ireland. AHCP members are directly involved in managing and delivering cleaning and hygiene services in most NHS and independent hospitals. Members also hold key roles in many primary care and GP clinics and surgeries, nursing and care homes and other residential care settings provided by the public, charitable and private sectors. Pamper Cleaning Services are proud to be members of the AHCP.

History & Growth of the AHCP

For over 30 years, starting in August 1975, managers of cleaning and allied services within the public sector, and especially within the National Health Service, had their networking needs met by the Association of Domestic Management (ADM). The ADM grew successfully over the years to become the mouthpiece and representative body for healthcare cleaning managers throughout the United Kingdom.

In 2006 the ADM’s Council of Management reflected on the many changes that have taken place in healthcare cleaning during the association’s history, how best to meet the needs of today’s members and how best to ensure the association maintains its relevance in the future. As a result of this a number of changes and developments were agreed.

Among these was the decision to change the name of the ADM to the Association of Healthcare Cleaning Professionals as it was felt this reflected more accurately the mission, scope and membership of the association, both now and in the future. The new name was launched at the association’s National Conference in 2007.

AHCP represents managers involved in all aspects of healthcare cleaning in all public and private sector services. Our members are drawn from organisations and sectors:

  • NHS and private hospitals and clinics
  • Primary care sector surgeries and clinics
  • Care and nursing homes
  • Central and local government organisations
  • Education and training establishments
  • Cleaning contractors
  • Independent facilities management services providers

The AHCP is lead by a National President and governed by a National Chair assisted by four Regional Deputy Chairs and ten regional branch heads, who make up the national Council of Management.
Day-to-day operations are conducted by the National Secretary, the National Treasurer and the Membership Secretary who also sit on the Council of Management.

The National Chair is elected annually from and by the corporate membership and the President is appointed from a shortlist by the Council of Management. The National Chair and President select the National Deputies.

The Annual General Meeting held during the National Conference and Exhibition is each members chance to be heard, but Branch Council Representatives act as a two-way channel throughout the year.

For more information about the AHCP visit their website at: www.ahcp.co.uk