Attendance Monitoring

Independent attendance monitoring for our cleaners

Attendance monitoring is not just for keeping a check that cleaning operatives have been on site. It is also a valuable tool to ensure the safety of our cleaners, many of whom are lone workers at contracts. Therefore at Pamper Cleaner Services we are happy to invest in an independent attendance monitoring system. We currently use the tried and tested IQ:timecard system.

How does IQ:timecard work

Where requested by our clients we can implement our IQ:timecard account service to monitor our cleaning operatives arrival and departure from their site, thus giving confirmation of attendance. The system is simple. On arrival to the contract our cleaning operative dials a freephone number from our clients premises (obviously permission to use the clients telephone on site is obtained prior to calling). Then, the cleaning operative simply dials their unique identification code followed by 1 to log in. The same procedure is used when our cleaning operative has completed their cleaning but this time they press 2 to log out of the system. We provide this service to our clients and staff at no extra charge and as the system uses freephone numbers our clients don’t even receive an increase in their phone bill. For added security and flexibility the system can also use card or biometric readers.

Independent verification of attendance of cleaners for their safety and clients uninterrupted service

The logging in and out of staff is then stored online and allows HR and management to monitor attendance patterns. More importantly the system also has an alarm option thus allowing us to receive an alarm message either by email or text stating that a cleaning operative has either not attended or has logged in but not logged out thus alerting us to a possible problem on site which management can be quick to check on and, where required, organise emergency cleaning cover. Below are examples of the reports than can be obtained by our system:

Attendance Rreporting

System not linked to cleaners pay – thus not detrimental to efficient cleaning staff

At Pamper Cleaning Service we recognise that it is important to reward excellent service from staff. Therefore, unlike other companies that use such monitoring systems to save on cleaners pay which in effect can penalise faster, more efficient cleaners for doing their job quicker than a slower less effective cleaner, we only use the system to monitor attendance and analyse attendance patterns. This has the added benefit of encouraging the best cleaning operatives to stay with us and continual to use more effective, yet efficient cleaning methods. For more information on the attendance monitoring system we use visit: