BICSc Associated Cleaning

Understanding the science behind cleaning

Many people are under the common misunderstanding that cleaning is just a matter of wiping surfaces and removing dirt but in reality there is a real science behind the effective removal and destruction of bacteria and other harmful pollutants. It is therefore important for any professional cleaning company to be fully trained in the basic understanding of cleaning science and keep up to date with modern technological progression in cleaning practices. As such Pamper Cleaning Services are proud members of the British Institute of Cleaning Science.

Who are the British Institute of Cleaning Science?

The British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc) is the largest independent, professional and educational body within the cleaning industry with over 5,000 individual and corporate members in the UK and Internationally.

The Institute is a democratic organisation electing its members of Council by ballot to serve for a three year term; one member of Council is elected as Chairman for a two year term. All members have the right to vote to elect Council members.

Individual or Corporate members can be nominated to stand for Council if they have been a member of BICSc for two years or more and have the endorsement of two other members.

The Institute was formed in 1961 by a group of like-minded individuals seeking to give the cleaning industry recognition.

The Institute’s founder, Mr Eric Hill, supported by a small network of men and women, initially set up the Institute to raise the profile of the cleaning industry as a profession and then went on to establish educational standards within the industry.

By the 1960’s all industries were well represented; however the cleaning industry was not regarded as an industry at all and had no formal representation. It was this that our founder, Mr Eric Hill, was determined to change by forming The British Institute of Cleaning Science.

Over the years the services and training provided by the Institute have evolved to reflect changes within the industry.

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