Computer Cleaning

PC, mice, monitor and keyboard cleaning services…

How dirty is your Qwerty?

Whilst the necessity of office cleaning for hygiene reasons is well recognised, some of the most personal and frequently used items in the office remain dirty and often get neglected on the cleaning schedule. Recent studies have suggested that there are numerous bugs and viruses that can frequently be found on keyboards and telephones. One study actually showed that desks have been found in offices to have more germs than their office toilet! (see bbc news article here)

A clean, germ free solution for your PC, IT and Telephony equipment

We know the importance of a clean, sanitised work station and as such we offer a full range of keyboard, mouse, monitor and telephony equipment cleaning services. Dependent on the style of keyboard we will first, either blow debris out from the keyboard with compressed air or gently vacuum the keyboard. This is then followed by a through application of sanitisation solution safe for all keyboard types. Our mouse and telephony equipment cleans follow the similar processes to ensure a thorough, sanitised clean. For monitors we will simply clean the whole unit using a clean, dry, microfiber cloth, thus safely removing any collected dust. The screen glass is then cleaned with specialist monitor cleaner.

PC Cleaning Services

  • Keyboard compressed air and sanitising wipe clean
  • Mouse sanitisation clean (including rollerball mice)
  • Monitor dust free clean and glass polish
  • Telephone sanitisation cleaning
  • Laser Printer dusting and internal ‘static-free’ vacuuming