Floor Polishing

Professional floor polishing

Commercial floor cleaning

With over three decades of commercial floor cleaning experience in a wide range of floor surfaces you can be confident our team of cleaning technicians know the right tools and methods for ensuring your hard floor surface looks superb. Our ‘stripping, deep cleaning and sealing’ services will complement your regular cleaning service restoring your floor to its optimum performance and presentation.

Slate and stone floor cleaning

Cleaning slate floors and other natural stone surfaces requires specialist skills and knowledge. Our NCCA trained floor cleaning technicians are fully qualified to clean and restore your natural stone flooring. With such qualified teams of floor cleaning specialists all your slate floor cleaning, limestone cleaning and other stone surfaces such as travertine and marble cleaning can often be carried out without the need of invasive procedures such as grinding and resurfacing. Our stone floor cleaning and sealing service will revive and protect your floor surface to its former glory with the minimum of disruption.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning

As with stone floor cleaning, wood floor cleaning requires specialist knowledge and approach to ensure the best results. Our wood floor cleaning teams are fully trained and qualified to give such a service. Regular maintenance wood floor cleaning and resealing protects the wood grain surface and ensures your floor remains in tip top condition. If regular maintenance wood floor cleaning and sealing is not carried out the floors protective surface will eventually wear off and then may require complete wood floor restoration via sanding which is not only costly but also disruptive. As a specialist wood floor cleaning company our services include mechanical deep cleaning, stripping and removal of surface coating and restoration with the application of sealers, polishes or oils, thus you can be confident of excellent results from our wood floor cleaning services.


  • Slate and other stone floor deep cleaning
  • Marble, and travertine sealing and polishing
  • Real wood floor deep cleaning
  • Wood floor stripping, sealing and polishing.
  • Regular scheduling of periodical cleaning according to your requirements
  • Professional hard floor cleaning service
  • High gloss marble floor polishing
  • Plus much more