Why Choose Pamper Cleaning

Established, proven track record of consistently providing quality cleaning services

With literally hundreds of cleaning companies out there offering all sorts of promises ranging from being “the cheapest” to “the best” it maybe hard to choose which is right for your company. First of all you need a company that is well established and experienced. Pamper Cleaning Services has been supplying professional cleaning services to its clients since 1989. With decades of experience behind us you can be sure you are working with a company that is not only well established in the industry but has a proven track record of providing consistently high quality cleaning services with a wealth of knowledge and skills to meet all our clients requirements.

Professional, personal approach to each individual client

The next area to consider when choosing a cleaning service provider is “How will I be treated once I’m a customer?”. At Pamper Cleaning Services we are committed to treating all of our clients as individuals. We previously ran the advertising slogan “large enough to cope, small enough to care” which we feel really emphasised our operating methods. Our friendly, personal approach toward our clients has meant that we have excellent contract retension rates with a number of clients that have been with us for well over a decade! Our exceptional working relationships and our provision of a consitent quality cleaning service has ensured clients that choose us, stay with us.

Reliable, trustworthy, fully-trained cleaning operatives

Another area to consider when choosing a cleaning contractor is “what are the actual cleaning staff like?”. At Pamper Cleaning Services we pride ourselves in all our cleaning operatives reliability, effectivness and trustworthiness. We do not use agency staff. All our cleaners are directly thoroughly vetted, employed and trained by us thus we can guarantee their efficiency and quality of cleaning.

Client testimony to excellence in cleaning

We are proud to have numerous clients that have been with us for many years and are only too happy to provide us with written letters of recommendation. This speaks volumes to you as a potential client as it proves we are what we say we are, one of the leading, successful, reliable cleaning companies in the market. Why not take a look at our client testimonial pages to see why more and more people are switching to Pamper Cleaning Services.

What sets Pamper Cleaning Services apart from other service providers?

  • Dedicated point of contact for every cleaning contract
  • Dedicated ‘client care’ email address for every contract
  • Flexible service to meet each clients specific cleaning needs
  • Fully vetted, experienced, well trained cleaning operatives
  • Quality Control and Quality Assurance Cleaning Programs
  • Solid management and operations oversight
  • Environmentally responsible operating methods
  • High quality of service at competitive price
  • Extensive range of specialist cleaning services such as carpet & hard floor cleaning
  • Washroom hygiene supplies
  • Handy-man, plumbing, electrical, artwork installation services offered to all cleaning contract clients