Reliable Staff

Reliable, trustworthy, fully trained cleaners

Our staff are our own cleaners

It appears that there are many cleaning companies out there that use agency staff or have schemes where the cleaner becomes the owner of a contract. We feel it is important that we do not use agency staff. Rather we are proud of the fact that all our cleaning operatives work for us directly thus we are able to put our full trust in them and build up excellent working relationships and team spirit Rather than relinquish our responsibility for your cleaning contract you can be confident that we, as a company and team are there to maintain the excellent service provision you would come to be used to working with us.

In-house, bespoke cleaner training

We are proud of the fact that we have our own, unique, cleaner training manuals which all of our cleaning operatives go through as part of their basic training. These specially designed manuals ensure that our cleaners are fully trained in our cleaning methods, health and safety protocols and reminded of the importance of cleaning properly. While our cleaning training manuals are designed with a heavy pictorial usage to ensure ease of understanding we have also made provision of these manuals being available in several languages thus making sure that the guidance and instruction is fully understood even by those whose first language is not english.

Newsletters to encourage cleaning team spirit

Another key element to our confidence in our staff is that we have a regular newsletter carrying reminders, helpful hints and comments from other staff members for consideration. This means of regular communication between our ‘team’ of cleaners and the company as a whole encourages that feeling of being involved in an organisation that really cares. Again, just like our cleaner training manuals, our newsletters are translated in other languages for the benefit of those members of staff that do not have english as their first language.

Awarding excellence in cleaning service

We know that our company is only as good as the staff members that are part of it and as such we are always keen to reward exceptional performance.

We regularly give ‘bonus’ gifts to cleaning operatives that show constant attention to detail or extra diligence in their duties. Additionally we have annual award parties for all the team to get together and not only enjoy a ‘family’ orientated party to say thank you for all their hard work over the year but also to present our prestigious ‘cleaner of the year‘ and ‘supervisor of the year’ trophies as well as four ‘cleaner of the season’ trophies, all of which are accompanied by a modest bonus.

By ensuring that we recognise and reward the best staff, we ensure that such staff not only continue with us in their diligence but also to inspire the rest of the team to constantly perform in excellence.

See for yourself that our team of cleaning operatives are ‘simply the best’!