Green Cleaning Methods

Environmentally friendly cleaning methods and technologies

At Pamper Cleaning Services Ltd our rationale is to always achieve the highest standards of clean for our clients while creating as little impact as possible on the environment. In many instances a ‘greener clean’ can be achieved by simply changing cleaning methods and utilizing modern technologies.

Modern technologies that allow for a more environmentally friendly cleaning service

There are a number of new technologies available in the UK that, when used properly, allow for a greener cleaning service. Three significant technologies developed over the last few years that have been successful in the cleaning industry are:

  • Microfiber technology – Microfiber is a polyester and nylon (polyamide) fiber that is used to make fabric. The fiber is split many times smaller than a human hair. By using such technology in cleaning cloths the cloth has two major environmental benefits. 1. A microfiber cloth is more effective than standard cotton cloths in lifting and removing dirt and bacterial microbes and 2. reduces the amount of cleaning chemical and water required for cleaning. The illustration below highlights how a microfiber compares to a standard cotton cleaning cloth.


  • Diamond cleaning and polishing pads – Regular maintenance and polishing of hard floors use to be both time consuming and require some fairly harsh chemicals. A team of researchers in Sweden developed a series of cleaning pad that were encrusted with various densities of billions of microscopic diamonds. The result was a series of cleaning pads that could clean and polish to an extremely high gloss value of well above 70 GU just with water. As the technology has progressed ‘Diamond Cleaning Systems’ have become an affordable, more environmental way to maintain, clean and produce high gloss finishes on hard floor surfaces. For more information about diamond cleaning systems visit: and
  • Ionised water – Over the years the benefits of ionised water in cleaning have been constantly researched. The process of using ionised and filtered water for window cleaners has greatly advanced the useage of ‘pole-fed’ or ‘reach and wash’ systems in window cleaning which has subsequently lead to safer cleaning of hard to reach windows. In 2010 a company called Activeion launched the ‘Ionator’ which was hailed to be a revolution to the cleaning industry. It is a battery operated, hand held unit that can change standard tap water into powerful ionised water that could attract and remove dirt without the use of any chemical (see publicity video here). Pamper Cleaning were one of the first cleaning companies to test this significant new product in the UK, however we were not so convinced by some of the amazing claims being published in the press. While initial domestic tests reported significant success in its cleaning abilities contradictory studies slowly started to come to light (see one such report here) and as such we held of from implementing this radical new product into our cleaning contracts. Sadly in April of 2012 Activeion ceased trading however its research and bold step in producing such a ‘milestone’ product has encouraged the further research and potential beneficial developments in the use of ‘activated water’ within the cleaning industry (see article here).

At Pamper Cleaning Services, we are committed to keeping a keen eye on all new and exciting technologies appropriate to our industry thus consistently improving both our service to our clients and minimise any environmental impact our business has.