Professional Cleaning Management Team

Decades of experience in all types of clean

Since 1989 Pamper Cleaning Services’ management teams have been responsible for organising, overseeing, monitoring and maintaining a top quality cleaning service to all their clients. With decades of experience in the cleaning trade, our management team has the ability and flexibility to meet with all types of cleaning requirements and requests.

Mutual respect and teamwork between management and cleaning operatives

Because our management teams are renowned for their fairness, integrity and respect of those they manage, we find our cleaning operatives are happier, and more loyal in their work, especially as they know that management treats them as part of the larger team and important key members of the company.


Our management team is structured to ensure the best possible functionality and lines of communication are held, thus ensuring an excellent service is maintained, serving our clients in the best possible way.


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Kelly Newman

New Business

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Contract Management

Antonio Costa –┬áSenior Mobile Supervisor

Antonio has been with Pamper since 2002 and while initially recruited to oversee deliveries of cleaning materials to all our London contracts has shown he has excellent management skills and has recently been promoted to Area Manager where his primary responsibility is to assist Carlos in the regular inspection of cleaning standards of contracts and training of cleaning operatives.

Terry Allen – Managing DirectorTerry Allen

With more than 30 years experience in the industry, Terry founded Pamper Cleaning Services in 1989. His ethos for the company has always been to run it in a fair manner for both staff and clients with a special ‘family’ view towards members of staff.

Remaining actively involved in the business Terry insists on his being accessible to all clients and staff.

Michael Walker-Pickett – DirectorMichael Walker-Pickett

Michael Joined Pamper Cleaning in March 2015 from a prestigious property development company in the heart of Mayfair.

As Facilities manager and purchasing manager for 18 years, Michael comes to Pamper with a new outlook and a promise of excellent customer service.

Looking forward to many years making Pamper Cleaning the choice for excellence.